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A simple guide to Rugs this Winter

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Its nearly that time of year to be getting the rugs out! With temperatures dropping it is essential to find the right rug and fit for your horse. There are times where rugging may be necessary. Horses which are more likely to require a rug for additional warmth in bad weather include: Breeds that tend to have a naturally thinner winter coat such as a Thoroughbred or Arab.

Badly fitting rugs can cause damage to your horse’s pressure points, particularly on the withers, can sometimes cause horrible rubs and sores. At the very least you should remove your horse’s rug once a day, give it a good shake out and refitting it.

Turnout rugs:

The main difference between turnout rugs and stable rugs is that turnout rugs are waterproof and typically made from a tougher material to withstand outdoor use whilst stable rugs are designed to only be used indoors.

They come in various thicknesses and weights to offer different levels of warmth. Lightweight horse rugs are designed for warmer weather and are usually 0-150g fill, while medium-weight rugs go from around 200-300g. Heavyweight horse rugs are upwards of 300g fill.

Some of our favorites:



Tough and robust the Breeze Up collection turn out rug is made from 1200 denier rip-stop, waterproof and breathable outer fabric. Insulated with 400g polyfil, this rug will keep horses warm even in the coldest weather, particularly suitable for clipped horses. Designed with a forward cut and combined with low rub nylon lining this rug helps preserve manes and withers.

Other key features include;

  1. Deep shoulder gussets
  2. Elasticated detachable leg straps
  3. Cross surcingles
  4. Quick release chest clips all which facilitate a secure fit.

Available in size 5ft0 to 7ft0.



The ‘Grizzly’ Rug offers great value for money. A tough ‘medium weight’. waterproof, yet breathable turnout rug. This rug has front leg gussets, removeable elastic leg straps and cross surcingle’s. It features taped seams (to prevent leaking) a generous tail flap and fleece wither protection.

Stable Rugs:

Stable and Show Rugs are warm because of the fill within them. The greater the amount of fill, the warmer they will be. Resist the temptation to pile on heavy rugs as this will flatten the fill and decrease the warming effect of your rug. The more rugs you pile on, the worse it gets.

Some of our favourites:



Robust and durable this rug is made from a super tough 1200d outer fabric. Insulated with 400g polyfil, this rug will keep horses warm even in the coldest weather. Particularly suitable after clipping. Key features include:

  1. breathable cotton lining
  2. elasticated detachable leg straps
  3. cross surcingles, quick release chest clips
  4. tail flap and fillet string to ensure a secure fit

Available in size 5ft9 to 6ft9 and in Classic or Full Neck

The types of horse rugs you might include in a starter wardrobe for a horse in moderate exercise who is stabled every night and turned out during the day (clipped in winter) could be: a lightweight and heavyweight turnout; a stable rug, a fleece and a stable sheet.

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